'Nice shot........wrong fairway though'

We're taking on Cancer Council's 'The Longest Day'......

...the ultimate golf challenge to complete four rounds of golf in just one day. That's 72 holes in about 14 hours of daylight !!

We'll be testing our skill, strength, and our ability to not have a tantrum and throw our clubs in the water hazard to raise funds for Cancer Council.

Because Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, with two in three Australians diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70 and we want to help change this.

Please sponsor our team today, the more money you donate - the more ridiculous our outfits will be, let's make every hole count !!

Thank you for your generous donation. Together, let's tee off for a cancer free future.......and water hazards with less sets of golf clubs in them that you "left at your mates house" when the missus asks  ?

Thank you to our Sponsors


Darran O'connell


Michael Orton

I hope it's not beer a hole 🤣😅 good on you mate.


Phil Delloforce

Love you work champion!!


Jaron Isemonger

Get it daz!



Good work !


Anja Voss


Yvette Milner


Lindy Hoffmann

Have fun! I hope u get a hole in one!


Goulburn Soldiers Club

Keep driving your fundraising, thanks for supporting people impacted by cancer!


Saco. Schettino


Charmaine Clinton

Best of luck Dashing Dazza


Hilton Blundell


Adam Chicharo


Domenic Zappavigna

Hey you goin mate


Skye Smith

Good luck! ☺️


Luke Kembrey

Good luck 👍


Sheila Jarvis



Dylan Byrne



Yay Darren, proud of you! Aim for the seagulls


Zoe Barden