Callaway Golf

Callaway Golf South Pacific is a subsidiary of Topgolf Callaway Brands, a company that is driving the course to a more modern approach to golf and the lifestyle that goes with it. Callaway changed the face of golf equipment with the development of products such as the Big Bertha Driver but now we are about more than just equipment.

We lead change across all aspects of the game of golf – bringing diversity, innovation, new personality, new trends, and new lifestyle attitudes to how we play, how we work, and how we golf - both physically and virtually. We want to play a part in every single shot played and allow more people to enjoy more golf, in all its forms, across the globe.

Golf Australia

Golf Australia is the governing body for golf in Australia.

Our goal is to raise the level of interest and participation in the game from grassroots golfers through to the elite levels, spectators, volunteers and associated industry bodies. Key responsibilities include conducting national tournaments and championships including the Australian Opens, managing the Rules of Golf and the national handicap system, and developing programs and opportunities to engage as many people as possible into the game.

Golf Australia’s involvement with The Longest Day of Golf commenced in 2016 following approval by the Golf Victoria Board to support this skin cancer fundraising initiative. From that time onwards, Golf Australia (Victorian office) has encouraged all Victorian clubs to promote this unique event to club members and support those players who join in this challenging 72-hole golf marathon.

Golf NSW

Golf NSW is the peak representative body for the sport in New South Wales.

Our role is to encourage participation, fellowship, fair play, and the well-being of our member clubs and districts.

Golf NSW manages fields as diverse as the Rules of Golf, Amateur Status, course ratings, handicapping, high performance, development, participation, competitions including inter-club, district, interstate tournaments, Men’s, Women’s State Amateur and Open Championships.

We are proud to be a partner of Cancer Council’s The Longest Day and encourage all our members to get involved.


More than a sport, golf is about opportunities, values and community. As the State body for amateur golf in Western Australia, GolfWA exists to provide opportunities for people of all walks of life to play, learn and love the game of golf.

Powered by connection and inter-generational learning, golf affords its community opportunities beyond sportsmanship. Through the sport, its events and network, we encourage personal and professional growth, long-standing partnerships, inclusiveness, equal opportunity and a sense of belonging. It is our mission to open these opportunities as far and wide as possible and to do so through equitable and inclusive practices.

We are proud to partner with Cancer Council’s The Longest Day and encourage all our members to participate.


The PGA of Australia is a not-for-profit Member-based organisation representing Tour Professionals, Vocational Professionals and Trainee Professionals who work in golf facilities throughout Australia and overseas. Our Members play an integral role in servicing more than 1.2 million Australians who hit the fairways each year. 

The PGA of Australia's mission and vision is to promote and grow the game of golf at all levels and provide our current and future Members with the opportunity to maximise their career potential. To find out more, visit

We are extremely proud to be partnering with Cancer Council's The Longest Day and officially endorsing this great campaign to all our members as skin cancer research and prevention is an important issue to us. 

Golf Surprize

The Golf Surprize dream is to provide the most popular golf competition and league in the world, with the primary purpose of assisting great organizations like the Cancer Council. Our 365 day league excites, rewards and encourages any level of golfer, and you NEVER have to beat other players to win or be rewarded, the only thing we want players to beat is cancer!

From first time golfers to elite levels, any golfer can play in the same group in a Golf Surprize league event, because we reward the most common shot in golf, the stray shot. We also reward great play for handicap golfers with Target Scores.

Our league encourages seasoned golfers to play with new golfers to learn the rules of golf, scoring etiquette and much more. Every round gives you chances to win 'Little Surprizes', and whenever you win a 'Little Surprize' you get one entry into all the draws to win the end of season 'BIG Surprizes'.

We would encourage all courses to support the league to benefit the Cancer Council and themselves, (ask us how). Now golfers have a better reason as to why they hit bad shots in golf, it might just save a life!

Drummond Golf

As Australia's premier golf retailer for over 40 years, Drummond Golf has been providing the biggest range of the world's leading golf brands at competitive prices to golfers of all levels and ages. From a small store in Bendigo in 1974, Drummond Golf is now Australia's biggest off-course golf retailer with 50 stores nationwide.

All stores are owner-operated, which guarantees quality service, expert knowledge, convenience and competitive pricing. All products come with full Australian warranties. Drummond Golf is the leader in technology-assisted club fitting programs, like MiMatch, golf's most advanced fitting system and the GC2 Launch Monitor. Visit your nearest Drummond Golf store today!

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