Getting Ready

The Longest Day will be long, whatever challenge you decide to take on, be it 36, 54 or 72  holes! You could be walking between 20-40 kilometers - the latter being almost a marathon! So try to get some exercise in beforehand to make sure you’re fighting fit. It also helps to practice playing multiple rounds in the lead-up to the event, with the aim of completing a few rounds in one go. For the day of the challenge, recruit helpers to bring you snacks and water, or a caddy for one of the rounds. Every little bit helps.

From a fundraising perspective, don’t forget to keep sharing your fundraising page. A friendly reminder never hurts and people can donate anytime until 31 January 2022.

David Greenhill’s top 9 tips to make it through 72 holes

1.  Get a good night’s sleep
2.  Warm up before round one.
3.  Drink lots of water.
4.  Eat light healthy snacks regularly.
5.  Wear comfortable golf shoes.
6.  Change into clean socks for each round.
7.  Pack a change of clothes.
8.  Be committed, stay positive and enjoy.
9.  Stay SunSmart!

David Greenhill
Events Senior Manager, Golf Australia

Ambassador Paul Gow has some great tips to help you
make your game the best it can be.

Check out the videos below.

Tip 1: Set Up

It’s important to get yourself set up right
for a great swing.

Tip 2: Balance

When it comes to keeping balanced remember less
with the body and more with the arms

Tip 3: Hitting that Long Shot

How to find that sweet spot to hit
further and straighter

Tip 4: Pitching

When it comes to pitching,
remember less is more

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