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The Challenge

What is The Longest Day?

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The Longest Day is the ultimate golf challenge designed to test your skill, strength, and stamina. The aim is to successfully complete your challenge from dawn to dusk and raise funds for Cancer Council’s research, prevention, and support services. 

Do I have to complete 72 holes? 

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72 holes is the ultimate challenge, but this year there are three golf challenges for you to choose from – pick the one you think will test your skill, strength and stamina.  

Challenge yourself to: 

 The Long Day - 36 holes (2 rounds) 

 The Longer Day - 54 holes (3 rounds) 

 The ultimate challenge: The Longest Day - 72 holes (4 rounds) 

What is involved?

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It’s simple – on the longest day of the year (or another date that suits you and your club best), you’ll take on your golf challenge in one day to raise funds for Cancer Council.

When is the official The Longest Day?

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The official day is Monday 11 December 2023. However, you can hold your golf challenge on any day that suits you best.

Northern Territory Clubs and participants can get involved any time from the 1st of December 2023 to the 31st July 2024.

Western Australia clubs and participants can get involved anytime in April 2024.

I can’t take on my golf challenge on Monday 11 December. Can I participate at another time?

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Yes. You can take on your golf challenge anytime that suits you best as long as it is approved by your chosen club. 

What day should I choose to take on my golf challenge?

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If signing up to join a registered club, select from their available dates. Or if contacting a club to ask them to get on board, we recommend choosing a day when the club is as quiet as possible and avoiding competition days. 

Can I play at any golf club?

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Most golf clubs only allow members to play on their course. However, our generous Open Links Clubs are open to the public and happy for non-members to play for free. Some of our kind Green Fees Clubs are also open to non-members to play for a fee. 

Click here to check out the Supporting Clubs

Otherwise we are more than happy for you to go to your local club and ask if they're willing to host you on your challenge day, we have lots of helpful resources on how to get your club involved. Visit ‘Where to Play’ for more information. 

How do I book a course?

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Check the club list and then register and select your preferred club if spots are available.

You can play at the club you are a member of or select from one of the generous Open Links or Green Fees Clubs.

Click here to check out the our list of supporting clubs.

Visit the ‘Where to Play’ page for some helpful resources and useful tips on how to get your club on board! 

The club I would like to play at doesn't have enough spots available for all members of my team.

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Contact the club directly to see if they will allow those extra members of your team to play, otherwise, you will need to select another club that can accommodate your full team. 

How much training will I need?

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You don’t need to be a great athlete to play 36, 54 or 72 holes in a day. However, keep in mind that you will be moving all day. In the two to three months leading up to December, do regular moderate exercise such as walking, jogging, swimming or light gym work. 


How do I register for The Longest Day?

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If you are a club contact you can register your club by clicking here. For participants, keep an eye out on our page for when registrations open for 2023!

How does the registration process work?

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You can either register as a team captain and invite your team members via a a link (email, Facebook messenger or WhatsApp). Or you can register as a team member and select your team during registration. 

How do I create my fundraising page?

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Your fundraising page will be created upon registration. You can log in and edit your details at any time.

Is there a registration fee?

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No, it’s free to register. We just ask that you raise as much as you can to help people impacted by cancer.

How do I join a team?

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When you register as a team member, you can find your team in the search bar while filling out the registration form. Alternatively you can search for your team here and click the "Join team" button on their fundraising page. 

The team I want to join is not listed.

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The team may be private. Ask the team captain to share the ‘join my team’ link with you and follow the steps to complete your registration.

Can I play alone?

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Yes of course, you would still have to select the "Create a team" option when you click the register button. We do recommend playing in pairs to hasten the play. Plus, whatever golf challenge you decide to take on, it’ll be more fun with mates

I’m an amateur at golf. Can I take on the challenge?

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Yes. We encourage golfers of all levels to take on The Longest Day golf challenge. There are different challenge options to suit each level although the aim is to challenge yourself – go on, you can do it!

Who can take part?

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Anyone can take part, if you are younger than 18 years old you will need parental/guardian consent. Consult your doctor or physician before undertaking The Longest Day golf challenge.

For the clubs

How can clubs get involved? 

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Your club can get involved in four easy ways: 

  1. Become a legendary Open Links Club – Open your club to non-members for the challenge and waive green fees.  
  2. Sign up as a Green Fees Club – Encourage members and be open for non-members to take on the challenge for a fee. 
  3. Register as a Members Only Club - Support and encourage your members to take on the challenge, promote the challenge around your club.
  4. Be an ACE and put in a club Team – challenge your golf Pro to take on a members team and raise funds for cancer research.

Check out our Clubs page for more information and get your club involved!  

What does being an Open Links Club involve?

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Being an Open Links Club means you will waive all green fees for participants of The Longest Day. As a thank you for this generous offer, Cancer Council will list you on their website, promote your club to participants and through social channels and be there to support you.  Find out more here. 

My club is private or we can't afford to waive fees. How can we get involved?

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No problem at all, you can become either a Green Fees Club and charge a fee for non-members or a Members Only Club:

  • Put up promotional posters and flyers in your pro shop and around the club
  • Encourage your members to take on this incredible challenge
  • Use our helpful resources to help promote on social and in your club newsletters (more available in your online dashboard once you sign up)

Are there any resources available to help my club promote the challenge?

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Yes. We have lots of helpful Club Resources available to view on our Clubs page and in your online dashboard. 


Where does my fundraising money go?

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The funds you raise through your Longest Day challenge go towards breakthrough cancer research, prevention programs and support for the thousands of families affected by cancer each year in AustraliaTo find out more, check out the How Your Fundraising Helps page.

How do I collect donations?

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Donations can be made through your fundraising page. Simply send the link to your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor your efforts. Cash donations can be collected and deposited into the Cancer Council bank account. Contact us for more details.

Are donations tax-deductible?

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Yes, all donations of $2 or more are tax deductible

I donated to the wrong person, how do I change this?

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Contact our team and we can fix that for you! To help us locate your donation, please provide your full name, email, donation amount, and date of donation. 

On the day

How long will it take me to complete my golf challenge? 

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72 holes should take no longer than 14 hours to complete. For the shorter distances, it will take you less time. Each round should take no more than 3.5 hours and will be quickened by playing in pairs.

What time should I start The Longest Day challenge?

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If taking on 72 holes, we suggest you tee off as close to 5.30am or first light as possible. This will ensure you finish your challenge before dark. For the shorter distances, you can choose to start later in the day however we encourage you to be sun smart and take good care when out on the course.

Do I need to finish by a certain time?

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Try and finish your golf challenge by dusk. If you are not close to completing the challenge by dusk, finish the round and end your challenge there.

Can I have a caddie or take a cart?

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Yes. We encourage players who cannot walk the entire way (36, 54 or 72 holes) to have a caddie, take a cart, or do a combination.

Can the challenge be covered by more than one player?

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The challenge is to individually complete 36, 54 or 72 holes in one day. Give it a go, you'll be surprised at how well you will do and feel great after completing your golf challenge!

Remember, playing using the Stableford method as recommended will assist in hastening play and some teams like to play in pairs to count the best score between them per hole before moving on. Good luck!

Can I take breaks throughout the day?

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Yes. Taking regular breaks in shaded areas (if possible) throughout the day will ensure you stay hydrated and rested. If taking on 72 holes, try to complete three rounds before taking a longer break.

What scoring system do I use?

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Do I need a handicap to play?

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No official handicap is required, but making use of your most recent handicap may speed up play. If you don't have a handicap you can make use of the following handicaps recommended by our partners at Golf Australia.  

  • Men play from allocated handicap of 36
  • Women play from allocated handicap of 45

I don’t have a handicap, what can I use?

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No worries at all, our partners at Golf Australia recommend the following for the purpose of pace of play and enjoying the day.  

  • Men play from allocated handicap of 36
  • Women play from allocated handicap of 45

Another way to help with the pace of play would be to simply set a maximum hole score before a player had to pick up their ball and move to the next hole – e.g. three over par for a hole (on a Par 4 then add 3 = maximum shots 7 before the ball is picked up). This would also be consistent with the above temporary handicaps.

What if I am unwell before the day?

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If you are feeling unwell, then we ask you to stay home. Chat to your team and club to change your event day or alternatively you may need to withdraw from the challenge for this year.

What should I do to make sure I am SunSmart during my challenge?

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Playing 36, 54 or 72 holes of golf will mean spending long hours outside in the heat of the day and exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. Check out our tips and recommendations on how to best look after yourself on the day. 

Remember to slip, slop, slap, seek, and slide. That is, SLIP on clothes that cover your arms and legs, SLOP on SPF 30 or higher sunscreen, SLAP on a broad-brimmed hat, SEEK shade, and SLIDE on close-fitting sunglasses.

Did you know that sun protection is needed whenever the UV index is 3 or above?

Our SunSmart app lets you know when you do and don't need sun protection, making it easier than ever to be smart about your sun exposure all year.

Download the app, choose your location and check out the UV rating in your area.

General SunSmart

How can I check for signs of melanoma and other skin cancers?

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  • Regularly check your skin for new or changed spots. Make sure you check your whole body, not just areas exposed to the sun. 
  • Some of the things to look out for include: a new spot or existing spot that changes in colour, shape, or size. The earlier skin cancer is found, the more successful treatment is likely to be.
  • Find out more about the signs of skin cancer

Looking to find some SunSmart clothing, where can I go?

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Our merchandise store will be updated soon and will stock our Longest Day Bucket hats and Shirt, or you can also check out our Cancer Council online store for great hats, shirts, and sunglasses


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Can I purchase a shirt or hat?  

We've officially sold out of our Longest Day Bucket Hat but still have the shirt available. Head here to purchase one.

How do I score a free shirt? 

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Achieve Major Fundraiser status by raising $1,000 and earn a free Longest Day Shirt!

Keep an eye on your emails for tips to help and login to your dashboard for some handy resources.


I can no longer participate, how do I remove myself from the team?

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No problem, contact our team and we can cancel your registration for you. 

I can no longer be Team Captain how do I change it to someone else?

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Click here to contact us and we'll do it for you.

I forgot my password, how do I reset?

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To reset your password, click the Forgot Password link on the login screen and follow the prompts.

If you are having trouble receiving the reset email here are some helpful tips:

  • Check your junk or spam folders
  • Click here to contact us, call 1300 65 65 85, or message us on Facebook and we can reset your password for you. Make sure to let us know your full name and email you used to register. 

Why are WA participants encouraged to play in April?

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Solar UV (ultraviolet) intensity levels vary throughout the year and are highest in the middle of summer. Sun protection is recommended whenever is the UV Index is 3 or above. In Western Australia, December UV index levels will routinely reach 11 to 13 across the state. The UV is slightly lower in October and November, ranging from a maximum of 8 in the south of WA to 13 in the north. For this reason, we recommend that participants choose a date in April to hold their fundraiser as the UV will be lower. Not sure when to use sun protection? Check the UV forecast on the free SunSmart app, Bureau of Meteorology weather forecasts, or


COVID-19 Safety Measures

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The safety of all persons involved in The Longest Day is incredibly important to us. For the protection of all participants and staff, we ask you to adhere to all public health rules and regulations notified to you by your local, state, or federal government, other regulatory body, or the event venue: In addition to this we ask that you follow these COVID safety measures: 

  • Use the handwashing facilities that are available to you at your club regularly
  • Maintain social distancing between participants

COVID-19 Safety Measures for Team Captains

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If you are registering for The Longest Day as part of a group, as the team captain, you are responsible for knowing the contact details of all attendees in your group. In the event you are contacted directly by the Government, including the Department of Health for the purposes of contact tracing, you must:  

  1. make the contact details of your group available to the Government (if you have the consent of each group member to do so); or  
  2. contact each member of your group, and request that they provide their contact details to the Government directly

Do I need to be vaccinated to play at my golf club?

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We ask you to adhere to all public health rules and regulations notified to you by your local, state, or federal government, other regulatory body, or the COVID-19 Safety Plan of your club:

Dollar Match Day

What is Dollar Match Day? 

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Our generous sponsor ATP Travel Group has agreed to match donations from our community, dollar for dollar. That means that your donation to individuals or team fundraising pages at on Dollar Match Day will be doubled until the agreed capped value of $10,000 AUD has been exhausted.  

Please note: offline donations are unable to be matched.  

Who are the Dollar Match Day supporters?

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Donations made on Dollar Match Day are generously matched dollar for dollar thanks to our supporter APT Travel Group 

When is the Dollar Match Day promotional period? 

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The Longest Day Dollar Match Day will be held on Thursday 7 December, from 11am AEDT. The promotional period will end on Thursday 7 December 11.59pm AEDT or until the capped amount of $10,000 AUD is reached. Donations can only be matched during this specific time period. Donations made even 1 minute either side of the promotion period unfortunately cannot be matched.  

I have previously donated, will it be matched?

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Sorry, only donations made during the promotional period will be matched until the capped amount of $10,000 AUD is reached.  

Why wasn’t my donation matched?  

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Our Dollar Match Day supporters generously agreed to match donations up to $250 AUD dollar for dollar up to a total of $10,000 AUD. Dollar matching only occurs during the promotional period and only lasts until this has been reached.

Just remember, if you or your sponsors start the donation process before the promotional period, the donation will not be counted. The time of donation is taken from when you start the process, not when you complete the process. 

How do I know if I’ve been matched? 

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    Donations up to $250 AUD will be matched automatically during the donation process online at on Dollar Match Day during the promotional period up to a total of $10,000 AUD by our matched supporters.

    Once your donation is complete, the total dollar-matched value will appear automatically on the relevant fundraising page. For example, if you donated $15 AUD, the fundraising page will reflect a $30 AUD donation. However, if you donated $250 AUD, the fundraising page will reflect a $500 AUD donation.

    Remember, the promotional period will end on Thursday 7 December 11.59pm AEDT or until the capped amount of $10,000 AUD is reached.

    How will I know when the Dollar Match amount has been exhausted? 

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      Cancer Council will notify participants via The Longest Day Facebook page once the capped amount of $10,000 AUD has been reached.  

      How much of my donation is tax deductible? 

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        All donations over $2 are tax deductible. You are only able to claim the amount you personally donate, and not the matched total amount. We like the way you think though! 

        Where does my money go? Can I choose exactly where my donations go or who they help? 

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          Your donation can help fund Cancer Council’s research, prevention and support programs. You can not choose where your funds go for The Longest Day.  

          Once the dollar match amount has been reached will the donations reappear as their regular amount? 

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            Yes, once the dollar match amount has been reached, your donations will be received and appear on as standard with no dollar match applied.   

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