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For every $10 raised I will run 1km!

Please help anyway you can. Donations over $2 are tax deductible. Thanks for your support!

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Cory Mcewan

Good effort my man ❤️


Bernadette Biltoft

That's a lot of Kms! Great work you're doing.Good luck.


Steph Stokes

Goodluck on the run! ❤️


Theresa O'keefe



From Adam too


Maria Gould

Good Luck Tom


Mathew Gilliland


Chris Barker


Zachary Cliff

Welcome to Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge. I am Carvallo. Now, choose a club. (Beep) You have chosen a three wood. May I suggest a putter? (Beep) Three wood. Now enter the force of your swing. I suggest feather touch. (Beep, beep, beep) You have entered "power drive". Now, push seven eight seven to swing." (Beep beep beep) "Ball is in...parking lot. Would you like to play again? (Beep) You have selected, "No.


Trish O'connell

Good luck :-)


Andrew Gardiner

Get running boy!