Peter Robertson

I’m taking on Cancer Council’s The Longest Day...

I have joined Cancer Council The Longest Day because I want to make a difference.

Being born and bred in South East Queensland, I am fully aware of the benefits and dangers of our sun. From spending weeks on the beach at Christmas time, to playing golf regularly, our amazing weather has a hidden risk.

I am now 45 and in the last few years, I have several friends diagnosed with a varying range of melanoma, some very serious. Much of the damage was done when we were kids as we didn’t know the dangers of spending time in the sun unprotected.

Although now we know better, I want to support Cancer Council Queensland by raising money as a part of my participation in Longest Day QLD 2019.

Please help me help them by giving whatever you can using the 'Give Now' button. 

The more people that know about Cancer Council Queensland, the greater their impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family. 

Many thanks in advance for your support.



Thank you to my Sponsors


Mark Ambrose


Cooper Grace Ward

A very worthy cause, Peter. Congratulations on taking up the challenge. All the best from Cooper Grace Ward!


Rob Hunter

Go Wobbo, wot a champion


Monte Rosa Pty Ltd


Brenden Yantsch


Timbridge Pty Ltd


Neville Sandford

Keep up the fluids. We just returned from Barwon heads where a 78yr man played 72 holes in a day in 39 degree heat but he had a million flies to help carry him home!. Good luck Peter.


Fraser Foundation

Good luck Peter.


Steve & Sharoll

Best of luck, stay hydrated 😀


Greg Rains

Good luck mate. You know you can do this but you are still an idiot.


Jeremy Ford

Good luck, and keep hydrated!


Neale Tucker

Good luck and I hope the weather is kind


Daniel Headford


John Scott

Good luck Pete.


Ben Jaaniste

Get in the hole! Mash potato! Bubba booey!


Simon Box

Good luck. A great cause mate.


Marty And Wendy Smith

Good Luck!



Greg Chappell

Good luck Robbo. Hope the weather cools down a bit


Shooter Mcgavin

Damn you people. Go back to your shanties.


Peter Lincoln

Hey Pete just saw Nat’s post. Amazing effort in this heat.


Tony See


Helen Velkov

Great effort in the heat, great cause!



Good luck Peter!


Anthony Castellaro

Hit them straight!


Peter Moss

Go the comb-over


Boq Albany Creek


Katie Ivanovski


Colin And Geraldine Robertson

Good on you Peter, take care in that heat. Mum and Dad.



Good luck Robbo!


Tina Melbourne

Good luck - don't melt out there!


Manjunath Kanakagiri

Good luck with your target :+1:




Sabdia Cconstructions Pty Ltd


Brendan James

Good on you Pete. Play well.


Simon Mccabe

$1 per litre water required


Guy Ballard


Claire & Pete Gray

Great cause ! Good luck from The Grays!


Brett Parslow

Hang in there mate. Not long till dark! I bet for once the change and windy conditions were well received...


David Pennell

Well done Robbo! Everyone has been effected in some way by cancer - particularly here in QLD. It's people like you who make a difference. Thank you!


Adrian Logue

Good luck Pete


David Abbott


Aleks Kotkowski

It's almost finished - approx 7 h to go :) Go Peter !


Denis Brennan

Hey Peter, Great work mate. Good Luck playing on the hottest day in Brisvegas this summer I think. Seen your quest through Lloyds page after last nights gig.


Jasper Grierson