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I’m taking on Cancer Council’s The Longest Day...

Everybody has had someone close to them affected by the scurge that is cancer, in fact, one in two Australian men and women will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85.

I have decided to engage a team (of sorts) for the Cancer Council's Longest Day. A massive golfing challenge, completing two rounds of golf in one day. That’s 36 holes in Canberra's summer heat!

We’ll be testing our lack of skill, strength and stamina to raise funds for cancer research, prevention and support.

In 2016, 15,352 new cases of bowel cancer were diagnosed in Australia. The risk of being diagnosed by age 85 is 1 in 11 for men and 1 in 16 for women.

In 2018, there were 5336 deaths caused by bowel cancer in Australia. This represents the second highest number of cancer deaths in Australia.

Bowel cancer screening can detect cancers at an earlier stage, when treatment can be more successful. If detected early, bowel cancer can be successfully treated in more than 90% of cases. Earlier diagnosis also means treatment can be less invasive.

This cause is close to my heart, as my Father suffered with the effects of bowel cancer and the invasive treatment involved, for upwards of ten years, before dying at 55. Bowel cancer also claimed the life of my Grandfather. Both my Father and my Grandfather's trauma may have been avoided if the cancer was identified earlier.

Please sponsor our team today and help spread the word about the importance of bowel cancer screening!

Thank you for your generous donation. Together, let’s tee off for a cancer free future.

Thank you to my Sponsors



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Great cause mate. Good luck on the day. Fast and loose ;)



Good work poo ♥️


Mark Mcmanus



Excellent cause McManus


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