Floyd fights Cancer

I’m taking on Cancer Council’s The Longest Day...


In December, I will be playing 72 holes at Lake Bolac Golf Course in one day to raise money for cancer research.

Please help me reach my goal - we all know someone who's been affected by cancer, let's do it for them.

Thank you for your support.



Thank you to my Sponsors


Geoff Britten

Good luck John, here's $5 a hole for your good work.


Jeanette Crafter


John Lloyd


Ritchie Family

Keep it straight up the middle Floyd


Rod Laidlaw

Well done Flloyd. Sounds excruciating! Be easier to just put the money on a good horse. Good luck.


Charlie Baldry


James Gubbins

Good on you Lloydy ⛳️⛳️ I hope the legs make it 😜


Tom Calvert

Well done Lloydy. I expect a good card on the home track. 👏👏👏


Tim Hill

Good on you Lloydy


Richard Brookes

Don’t shank off the first tee - make for a very long day!


David Mott

Well done Lloydy. Hit em long and straight ... just to mix it up a bit.


Jennifer Lloyd

$2 / hole proud of you xx


Dugald Mckay

$144 Collective Worth of 44 Listed Melbourne Players. (I excluded Max Gawn) Great Cause. Good luck


Nella Powell

Fundraising - and golf - allows ordinary people to do extraordinary things. On ya Tex. Wishing you swift greens and jolly playing companions. Big love. xx


Karen Blackmore

Great effort John, good luck on the day.


Buster Luckock

December could be warm lad - better keep your fluids up!!! Well done Lloydy


David Grant

Good on you Lloydy....great cause and great training for Vic v NSW match!


Richard Tallis

That will be easy for a great golfer Goodluck


Peter Lloyd

Great effort - I'd offer to join you, but doubt I'd make it.


Duncan & Lisa Fraser

Well done Lloydy and I’m sure you will finish 72 holes even with night vision goggles. (So, there is a mini golf course in Lake Bolac ?)


Julia & Marcel

Brilliant, John. Xx


Scotty & Piz

We chose you over Soul Patch in the Derby. Good luck, DO NOT let us down.


Mark & Jane Yates

Sure this isn't just to help you pay off your trip to USA John???


Roger Gilmore


Jeff Wain


Darrin Findlay

Good work Lloydy! Regards Darrin


Mark Boileau

Might be a fair session at the 19th hole after that much golf


Greg Barr

Well Done John!


Julie Veale

Go Lloydy!! A very practical way to help highlight & support such a great organisation to beat this insidious disease.


Andrew Harlock

That's as many rounds as I've played for the year. Well done and good luck.


Ruby Dooby

59 for 59 GO DAD


Nick Allen

Funding your fun. I don’t get it. I shouldn’t be surprised


Bibby Gilmore

Love your work Lloydy! X


Lucy Laidlaw

Goodluck Floyd!


Jen Robertson

Good on you John


Diana Macdonald

Well done


Stuart Box