Chris Bartram

A Personal Story

Now, everyone doing this is aware that the Cancer Council is a community-funded organisation, working in local communities to help support people as they navigate their cancer journey.

We all agree that work is just so important and could expect, really, that alone is motivation enough for me to commit; however, if I'm honest with you?

I'm doing it for Mum.

Picture this: you're 30 years of age, your daughter is almost three, you've recently bought a house with your husband (who's running his own business) and you've just given birth to your second child and son, Christopher (i.e., this guy).

Your gynaecologist then calls you in for an 'earlier than normal' postnatal check-up to tell you they've found something on your cervix.

You're rushed to Westmead Hospital in Sydney for a biopsy.

It's your daughter's third birthday and seven weeks after your second child is born.

You're diagnosed with cancer.

You start chemotherapy within two days.

You're operated on four months later.

You commence radiotherapy shortly after, and are growing your hair back in many of the photos you have with your newborn baby.

Sounds unimaginable, right?

Well, that was my Mum's story back in 1988 and 1989, and is something that she still lives with to this day (psychologically, no doubt, but also through Lymphoedema (a condition caused, in many cases, due to the removal of lymph glands)).

Probably goes without saying now, but Mum has been a constant inspiration, to not only my sister and I, but also for my broader family and for those that know her.

She's just the greatest, and I share this, one, because I can't highlight enough to Mum just how much her strength, courage, care and determination has inspired and meant to us growing up and, two, to acknowledge how many in our lives would have similar personal stories of people in their own families or social networks.

To put it simply: stories like this are why these initiatives are so important and why I'm sharing this story with you today.

Every donation helps, folks. Likely more than we can comprehend.

Thanks for reading and thanks again, Mum. For all of it.

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Way to show me up, brother. Xx


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Proud of you


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Cancer Council does invaluable work. Thank you for doing your bit, mate. And hats off to your Mum.


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Such a good cause! Awesome work Chris!!


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Very well written Chris! Good luck and lots of love to you guys!!


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So proud x


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Great cause Chris and our Pen is one absolutely amazing and brave woman! She has been a pillar of strength not just for her family but also for those lucky people that had opportunity to meet and work with her ❤️


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Donating because a) Chris' mum sounds wonderful and b) looking forward to seeing a photo of exhausted Chris at the end of the day!! ;-) Fabulous cause and idea - great work, Chris!! xx


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Great cause Khrais - Mr Fone


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Good luck Chris



Big fan of my amazing Auntie Pen, mint slices in general and also Team Mint Slices.



Good luck for the Longest Day little Chris! Such a great cause...


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What an inspiring story Chris, your mum sounds truly amazing. Good luck with the 72 holes and hope you make it to the 73rd.


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We love your family and Penny is the best 💗 Go Mint Slices!


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Great cause and I love your mum too. I was blessed to work with her many years ago and she was there for me when I was going through a difficult time.


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All the best for 'The Longest Day'.


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