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We have done our challenge and all 16 players finished in all 4 rounds in 12 hours

We have done our challenge and all 16 players finished in all 4 rounds in 12 hours.

Let's hope all players recovered well

Longest Day Rules at Stonecutters Ridge: Aimed at 3 hours per game

Some rules that stand out to quick up the game and the club aim at 3:00 hours per round. 

* 3hrs allocated for each round.

* Please call the group behind through if you fall behind time.

* ‘Gimme’ putts under a putter grip length

* No more than 1 minute to be spent looking for a lost ball. If you can’t find your ball, take a drop at a location that you have agreed to with your closest partner (where you think the ball should be). Irish drop, one stroke penalty.

Playing ready golf. First player ready should take their shot. No marking your ball on the green, each player should putt until in or within gimme length

ROUND 1 – Team Stableford  (4 stableford scores added together)
ROUND 2 – Team of 4 Best Ball (best stableford score of 4 players)
ROUND 3 – Foursomes (Team of 2 – alternate shots)
ROUND 4 – Ambrose (usual Ambrose rules each player must tee off for 3 holes)
NTP – 16TH HOLE – Mens and Ladies
LONGEST DRIVE - 2nd hole - Mens and Ladies
Presentation and drinks on terrace after game - Bistro is open for dinner

一点心,几多情 可以温暖了生命 让爱心魂牵梦萦 华人共筑人间景


我叫Mary Yu,中文名:于虹
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关注健康热爱分享的我高尔夫球龄26年.很遗憾这次没能参加The Longest Day Challenge !但我非常支持并感恩Cancer Council为健康有需求的癌症病人所做的慈悲善举!此次活动希望让更多的人知道并了解这个慈善机构,捐出一份爱心,让更多的病人因此而受益,更希望有Cancer Council的援手让更多的生命更加长久绚烂多彩,爱满人间!

“最长的一天” 高尔夫球马拉松慈善赛

The Longest Day - Golf 72 holes Challenge, the Chinese Golf Association or Chinese Golf Team Union has 16 players registered to participate in this meaningful charity event with the aim of raising more funds for the Cancer Council.

“最长的一天”高尔夫球马拉松慈善赛.。The longest day challenge 72洞, 我们16位华人会为Cancer Council这个有意义的慈善机关,用尽的我们的全身力气打完这72洞,并为公益争取更多的捐款.

We have registered to tee off at 5:30 am at Stonecutter Ridge Golf Club on 9th of December 2020.  With the available daylight of 14 hours to complete 4 rounds and a total of 72 holes. This means that we will be forced to play very quickly with an average of about 3.5 hours per round. An average of a normal round of golf game will take about 4 to 5 hours.  High energy consumption in a very long day of  14 hours 

我们华人代表确定的参赛日:12月9日早上在Stonecutter Ridge 球场5:30点集合缴费 ($20参加费+$55一整天的球车费),计划一天内,大约14个小时内结束4场共72洞的球赛,平均一场是飞快的3个小时  (因为平时一场球需要4到5小时)

For the sake of the Cancer Council, we hope we can raise more money for our 14 hours of hard work and sweat in order to complete 72 holes.  We have anticipated that we might not able to get out of bed for a week due to exhaustion and fatigue. 

为了替防癌机构Cancer Council争取捐款,希望我们14小时的辛苦,能得到你们一点点的捐款.

Players from the CGA/CGTU

Team 1 (第一队) 
1a.Jimmy Su 2010104059
1a.Martin Jin 2021712937
1b.Charlie Yang 2012800793
1b. Jacky Wang 2080207488

Team 2 (第二队) 
2a.Chee Meng 2011618065
2a.Ian Yan 2011603812
2b. Tony Wu 2010219254
2b. Wayne Char 2012304661 

Team 3 (第三队)
3a Samuel Xue 2010610263
3a Daniel Tang 2010610262
3b Sean Yuan 2010505461
3b Kyle Lu 2510401557

Team 4 (第四队)
4a. 馬達 2401201001
4a. Lucia 2012602374
4b. 宋吉成 2022506958
4b. Jason Fan 2012888888

This December, golfers can help reduce the impact of cancer in Australia. You can make a difference to this affected by cancer. 

Last year this event has raised 1.42 million dollars across entire Australia. 


Last Year Stonecutters Ridge itself had raised more than forty thousand dollars. CGA has taken 22% of 18 teams offered by Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club. This means our target will be set around $10,000 to $20,000.

Stonecutters Ridge 球场12月9日当天只接受18组人报名,所以当天参赛的华人16人站22%的参赛者,去年Stonecutters Ridge 的赛事带进4万多的捐款,所我们也希望我们华人战队也能带进最少一万的捐款,当然越多越好

We have set up a specific bank account for your charity deposit. Please provide us with your deposit slip, your name or your company name, as well as your email and contact number. We will follow Cancer Council's instruction to provide you with a Tax Deductible Receipt. 

任何捐款我们华人协会会直接转给Cancer Council, 请给捐款截图,姓名或公司名字还有邮件信箱,照程序Cancer Council,会给你们每个人或公司正式的收据,可以用来抵税.

If you want to form your own team, you can check if there is any participating golf club near you.


Chinese Golf Association (CGA/CGTU) 华人高尔夫协会
CEO执行长 Jimmy Su
Wechatid : jimmysu1402
Mobile: 0410 69 1816

Our Team Members

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Good luck Lucia in Team 4!!!


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Jimmy I will try to direct my friends to donate here and use reference "chee meng"


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Lucia and Lucy, Great to support you both, Clive


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Go CGA 16 people team, we support Samuel and all of you.


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Great cause! Well done all!


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