Angus Forsyth

I'm taking on Cancer Council's The Longest Day...

I'm taking on Cancer Council's The Longest Day as many of us know someone who has had and also who has lost the battle with this dreadful disease. For me it was my mum Holly losing her 12 year battle to cancer this year in August. After such a long fight, and multiple cancers, mum is a testament to the fact being given 1% chance of survival is not the end of the story - she saw 3 grandchildren and 2 daughters wed, and was able to scale mountains in Tibet and enjoy many a family gathering. If mum could endure chemotherapy, radiology and a 12 year battle, then i could not think of a better way to raise money for cancer research than four consecutive rounds of 18 holes of golf, combining put my love of golf and openness to put myself through a challenge. It would mean a lot if you could spare some funds to donate to such a worthy cause and help continue the research into beating cancer. Thank you. 

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Angus, good luck and hope you get lots of support. Alex




Angus Forsyth


Ross Forsyth

Mum would be as proud of you as I am. Ross


Adeline Yeung

Good luck Angus! Try and keep it under 300 shots!


Olivia Kerr

Well done Ang xxx


Lisa McAuliffe

Your Mum sounded like a real adventurer Angus... Good luck!


Sarah Magnell

Good luck Angus!!


Tom Cleary


Nulufer Cakir


Lester Fernandez

Good on you Angus


Gemma Caird

All the best Angus!


J. Lai

Hi Angus! Looking forward to hear about your day long session. Similarly, my aunt passed to cancer when i was younger as well. Multiple cancels and brought her to and from hospital for months long when i was 19. She succumbed to cancer after a year long battle with the disease. As such, strongly support your cause and drive research in beating cancer!




Tom Forsyth

Good luck mate