Paul Gow

Professional golfer and Cancer Council NSW ambassador, Paul Gow is encouraging golfers across the state to take part in The Longest Day.

Paul Gow started playing golf when he was just 10. His mum and dad were avid golfers, and since he is one of six children, playing golf meant more attention!

Paul was first diagnosed with skin cancer about six years ago, and has since had about 20 different parts of skin cut out. “I want people to protect their skin and prevent this from happening.  So, with my own personal experiences aside, being an ambassador is about spreading the word to golfers and the golfing industry that sun protection really is something everybody needs to take seriously.”

I encourage everyone to have a go at The Longest Day because you get to know yourself a lot better. 72 holes really tests you on the day, and it’s probably helped my golf to this day, to be able to really dig deep and get through the pain barrier of all that walking. It’s enjoyable too, spending the full day on the course with just you and your mates. It’s rare you’ll get an opportunity like that."

For anyone thinking of taking part in The Longest Day, Paul recommends you start playing 18 holes regularly and take up walking – if you’re going to the gym, get on the treadmill and get your feet ready, do a lot of stretching!