Brian Man

I'm taking on Cancer Council's The Longest Day...

I thought long and hard over the last few months about whether to go through with this. 

But like many people, in only the past few weeks, my life has been touched by cancer by people close to me. The ultimate "C" bomb comes as a shock that is unrivalled, it comes with a sense of hopelessness, uncertainty, fear and sadness that really hits home. The amazing work of the cancer council needs our help, so that in time more and more can beat this, treatment and care can be improved so that we can prolong and improve the quality if the lives impacted by this. 

If you can spare a donation, any small bit counts and the team and I will play with thanks in our hearts and hopefully do a bit to help this amazing cause.

My Scorecard

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John Higgins

Good on you mate. A very worthwhile course. Hit em well, and enjoy the beer at the 73rd hole.


Brian Man


Tracey Kennair

Congrats Brian - awesome achievement!



Amazing effort and such a worthy cause. Making a difference as always BMan


Laurence Basell

Love it bman. Great cause.


Martin Matthews


Emily Wilhelm

Go Brian!


Larry Dell

Great job B Man!


Rich Gwilym

Well done mate. Great effort


Jason Leow

Good on ya chimp! Hope the body holds up.


Leonard Teplin


Devesh Khanna

A great effort for a great cause, good luck Brian!


JP Cashen

I'll double it if you win the longest drive competition.


Sarah Stewart

Good luck Brian!


Brett Fairbank

Well done Bman! Great cause. $1 towards each whole and a $1 towards each pint sunk afterwards.


Andrew Cordner

Great cause. Shit illness.


Sandip Mukerjea

Go to your happy place


Tracy Murray

Wishing you all the very best, I’ll be thinking of you!


Chris Battle


Amy Senti


Sanmeet Bhatia

Win or lose in the first 3 holes and then solid drinking sesh - Protein gels, cramp juice and beers! All for a good cause!


Christa Ray

Best of luck Brian, great cause.


Jeremy Williamson

Just tap, tap, tap it in! Good luck mate!


Amy Auster

Good luck!


Matthew Tutty


Simon Taylor

Well done B Man!


Pete Mac

Go long and make some bird's 🐦


Mark Donaldson

Good luck!


Greg Powell

Hope you have a massage booked for the next day :D


Nick Chiam

Good luck Brian. Four rounds of golf, drinks from 11am? Tough work but I believe in you. Nick


Karin Quadros

Good luck Brian!