Armidale Armadillos

We’re taking on Cancer Council’s The Longest Day...

Hi guys,


On December 14th Joe, Alan, Oliver and myself are taking part in the Cancer Council event - “The Longest Day”. We will face the task of playing 72 holes of golf in one day. Not only will this be physically draining, but considering our golf games are not the highest of skill levels, it will be mentally draining.


The reason Oliver and myself are entering this event is to raise money to provide funds for research development in the fight against the disease, as our mother has fought against it twice.


It may seem like a day of just fun, golf and guy time, but we have set a team goal to raise $3,000 and have agreed to donate more of our own money according to our results on the day. The punishment for us as players:


1.     If at any point as individual players we score a +10 on a hole, that player will donate the value of their score. Eg. Player scores 10 = $10, 12 = $12.

2.     Any time a player 4 putts, that player will donate the amount of the teams collected putts for that hole.

3.     Any hole where the entire team fails to make the green before par, the team donates the value of the hole. Eg. Hole 18 - $18 each, Hole 9 - $9 each.

4.     Any player scores a hole-in-one, all players donate $100.


Any donations would contribute greatly to our team goal. We will be recording and posting live updates about the day as we go so it will be a day of laughter and tears.


Thank you to all of you who contribute. Let’s tee off a cancer free future!!

Thank you to our Sponsors




Sarah Bolitho

Go lads! Such an important cause. Can’t wait to see what the scores are like by the 72nd hole 😱🤑 all the best xx Sarah


Anna Sadurska

Alan, It is a great initiative! I am proud of you my boy!


Oti$ Nigiri

Otis Nigiri, get near me


Indiana Reed

Huge work boys & great cause!


Murray Olds

Well done Olly, awesome challenge to honour what sweet mama has been through. Proud of you boys 👍


Tom Olds




Jamie Mcdougall

On ya boys!


David Mcclatchey


Matt Smith

Hit them like an Armadillo would!


Alice Dempsey

Good luck boys!


Cathy Murray



Angus Buncle

Ya man. Bruiser would be proud. Finish him!


Victor Krumb (aka Yngdzl, Aka Devious Boar)

Big ups to the OG Nigiri slice MC, one Oti$ Redding. Good effort boys.


Richard Davison


Declan Byrne

Hope the chafing ain’t bad


Alexander Jullienne

Well done mate. I'll throw another 20 in if you upload a photo.


Stephen Kelly

Please accept this donation on behalf of the Blackheath 9.


Andrew Pendlebury


Dan Hall

Good work Olly 🤙


Deborah Whyte

Good work sheep, best of luck ❤️



Good luck sweet prince.