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Nick Trezise“Even though my sister was diagnosed with cancer 21 years ago and tragically passed away, she is my inspiration and gives me all my drive, especially through the gruelling 72 holes of golf I play every December in her memory and in support of Cancer Council Victoria. I know this organisation puts money towards tremendous research and helps families affected by cancer in their time of need.”
Nick Trezise, Winchelsea Golf Club Junior Club Champion and the Longest Day participant 2015-2017

Andy Maher

“Hitting off as the sun rises. Tapping in as it goes down. 72 holes in between. Walking! Of course it was one of the great days. And for a great cause. Once the feet had forgiven me we couldn't wait to do it again. Bring on December 2017.”
Andy Maher, sports journalist and presenter

David Greenhill“It was a genuine thrill to be part of the Longest Day of Golf in 2016 combining a lifelong passion for golf with a wonderful and extremely worthy cause in raising funds for Cancer Research.

It was pure joy being out on the golf course for an entire summer’s day attempting something I’d never tried before in playing 72-holes in one go. At the same time and thanks to the generous support of the Commonwealth Golf Club, many members as well as golfing friends, we were generating much needed funds into skin cancer research, a cause that all golfers can certainly relate to.

I can’t wait for the 2017 Longest Day in December to undertake this unique golf marathon and be actively involved in the fight against skin cancer once again.”
David Greenhill, Chief Operating Officer Golf Victoria  

“I have had the pleasure in participating in three Longest Day events. The day not only provides a great mental and physical challenge but a great sense of achievement. Despite there being a trophy for playing well on the day [awarded at my club], the friendship and comradery you form with your playing partners is reward enough. With money raised going to Monash University for research into [immunotherapy for more effective] skin cancer treatment, I can see no greater motivation to participate in the day.”
Aaron Newnham, Director of Golf at Royal Melbourne Golf Club

Tania Smorgon“In both 2015 and 2016 I completed the Longest Day challenge at Kingston Heath Golf Club… We teed off at sunrise – 5:45 and had completed our first two rounds before midday. We had a very quick lunch and finished the final 2 rounds well before 6pm.

The best thing about playing four rounds of golf in a day is firstly the sense of achievement at accomplishing the task, secondly excellent bragging rights and thirdly the ability to assist the Cancer Council.

Good luck to anyone who attempts the challenge, it is great fun and I will definitely be doing it again this year!”
Tania Smorgon, Kingston Heath Golf Club member

“Joining fellow members of the Metropolitan Golf Club at 5am wasn’t my idea of a good time, but what a great experience I had in completing the Longest Day event. There was a great sense of achievement by the group to complete the 72 holes in a shade over 10 hours. The quality of play was very good by all participants with each player breaking 30 points in every round, with my highlight being a hole in one on my 31st of the day.

On a personal level our family has been touched by cancer with both my mother and mother-in-law facing cancer so it was great to feel I could support and contribute in a small way to their challenges. I felt proud to have my network of business colleagues and friends very generously support our families through this charity. I look forward to being involved in this year’s event.”
Bob Cupitt, Metropolitan Golf Club member

Steve Lilley"The Longest Day raises funds for a cause close to my heart as friends and family have been afflicted by cancer. Cancer research is our greatest hope of curing the disease.

Playing four rounds in fine weather at Barwon Heads with BHGC Professionals Ashley Andrews and Marcus Hakkinen was an inspiring experience. Ashley was only a couple over par for four rounds and Marcus played some awesome golf.

We appreciate the donations made by BHGC members and friends in supporting the Cancer Council's Longest Day fundraiser."
Steve Lilley, Barwon Heads Golf Club member


 “Last year my mum died of pancreatic cancer. Mum had retired and taken up golf. She was pretty keen and I enjoyed many rounds with her. I have taken on the challenge to play 72 holes of golf in one day to help raise money for Cancer Council in memory of my mum.”
Dan Clarke, Monash Country Club member and The Longest Day 2017 participant

“Once the day is done we will all have achieved something awesome and helped out a good cause.”
Stuart and team Tee Off For Charity at Beachside Golf Club, The Longest Day 2017 participant

“The game of golf is challenging but so is life for people who are impacted by cancer.”
Paul and Prescilla, Hurstville Golf Club, The Longest Day 2017 participants

Testimonials The Longest Day supporters

Peter Robertson, Brisbane

Peter Robertson, Brisbane.

Being born and bred in South East Queensland, I am fully aware of the benefits and dangers of our sun. From spending weeks on the beach at Christmas time, to playing golf regularly, our amazing weather has a hidden risk.

I am now 44 and in the last few years, I have several friends diagnosed with a varying range of melanoma, some very serious. Much of the damage was done when we were kids as we didn’t know the dangers of spending time in the sun unprotected.

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