Mark Dolan

Enjoying The Great Outdoors

I started playing golf in 2013 having moved to Australia in 2009. The climate has contributed greatly to my enjoyment of the game; particularly the frequency at which I get to play!!


One of the great risks being out on the golf course (besides my errant shots but I'm probably the safest person out there for them!!) is the exposure to the Australian sun. I hope that by completing this fundraiser I can contribute in my small little way to ensure more people get to enjoy the great outdoors safely and for many years to come.


Any and all support received througout this journey is very much appreciated.

I cannot do it without you!!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Mark Dolan

Raffle Tickets Sold During Fundraiser


David Parks

Who hoi


Alan Murray

hooowwwrrrry aaadddoooiiinngo oodddoonnnny aaaamaaayyyyttteeee


David Zuk


James Tod-hill

LOVE the photo! Thanks for a great night :)


Fady Salib

I have nothing witty to say...


Carlie Langsworth

Wear comfortable shoes and smash an energy gel every 9 holes...


Tim Dillon

Why did the golfer need new socks.....?


Mark Dolan



Goodluck!! From the team at EST10


Braydon Witham

Good luck Mark, a dollar for each hole $100 on the table for a hole-in-one


Gerard Noone


Carolyn Pringle

Good on you Mark x


Ty Bryan


Sean O'mahony

Go Mark, you hero.


Nick Walter

Homma in play..!!!


James Lister

Don't forget sunscreen.


Kazu Hosoi

dul Mark! gach ceann is fearr


Georgy Babu Abraham

Have a great day on the turf Mark.