Kim Moran

I’m taking on Cancer Council’s The Longest Day...

Update 5/12/19

Less than 24 hours to go and i think it's time to update you on my progress relating to the goals i set:

1. Complete 72 holes in a day - on track for tomorrow
2. Book and attend a skin check - attended a skin check with my GP and i am pleased to report no areas of concern in regards to my skin.  A big tick!
3. Lose 10kg - Have managed to shed 8.7kg as of this morning so will fall just short of the intial goal however, I am now committed to losing another 5kg by 1st March 2020.  Being more displinced in what and when i eat plus an increase in activity levels was the key to this.
4. Raise $1,000 for the Cancer Council - Over $1300 raised thus far, a huge thank you to everyone who chipped in.  




72 holes, one day.  That’s the challenge I’ve set for myself as part of the Cancer Council's The Longest Day.  I have set myself a total of 4 goals in line with this event.  Prior to sunset on Friday 6th December I will:

1. Complete 72 holes in a day
2. Book and attend a skin check
3. Lose 10kg
4. Raise $1,000 for the Cancer Council

A little background….

You may or may not know, that when I was 7 years old I was involved in a car accident and spent many months recovering with the love and support of my family.  An additional and vital support during that time was our long-time family friend Eleanor ‘Nor’ Palfrey who looked after me with the love and care that has never been forgotten.  Nor, like a number of Australians born in the first half of last century, loved the beach, the surf and sun bathing.  Having a beautiful tan was important and the effects of the sun not as well known as it is today.  Sadly, after the identification of some myeloma Nor faced a battle with cancer which claimed her life. 

Our family became friends with Eleanor and Charlie Palfrey when they (Dave, Marianne and my sister Melinda) moved into Crawford St, Cheltenham prior to my birth in 1980. As is his way (I’m sure this is what happened) my father, Dave Moran, quickly established contact with his new neighbours and lasting friendships were created.  Dave, born 1947, has been lucky with his skin and myeloma to date having had more than one suspect spot identified and removed before it became an issue.

These two stories form part of the drive from me to accept and complete this challenge.

I am calling on you to support my push to raise $1,000 for Cancer Council by sponsoring my efforts.  I have kicked things off with a $1 per hole donation and I am seeking 13 more sponsors to match (or better) this commitment to drive this total over $1,000. 

A donation of any size greatly is appreciated, and I thank you for your support in advance.

Finally, thank you to my friend Tom King who is taking on the challenge with me and also to the Barwon Heads Golf Club who are generously waiving any green fees for hosting us on the day.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Birwin Yu

Happy to contribute to a great cause and mate!


Stramit Building Products

Happy to support a good cause on behalf of your team at work. Good work mate, hit em straight and save your legs !



good luck kim


Sa Wilkey

Kim and Tom - this is awesome! Wishing you all the best in your training in the lead up to the big day! As Dave said - go you good things!


Dave Moran

Go you good thing!!


John Montgomery


Ben O'brien

Hit 'em straight! Good on ya mate.


Kim Moran


Dean Burrows

Good On You Kim, go in hard and do well. Pleased to support you.


Ben Fenwick


Michael Redenbach



Thank you for being part of this initiative!



I think you’re over the goal now!


Ross Taylor


Jan Matchett

Right behind you Kim :)


James Gibson

Great work mate!


Tom Warner

Great work Dids, a great cause!


Michelle Sherwood

Well done Kim, a worthy cause and some great goals!