Ben Trappel

I’m taking on the Cancer Council’s The Longest Day Golf Challenge...

On December 1, I’ll be taking part in the Cancer Councils "The Longest Day" challenge. The challenge is to raise funds by completing four rounds of golf in a single day.

I'll be teeing off at 6am with a team of friends and we wont stop until the last putt has dropped on the 72nd hole (hopefully before sunset)!

Everyone has a story about how cancer has affected them personally, or a loved one. If you would like to make a donation (or just follow my progress), please follow the link below. All donations are tax deductible.

The Cancer Council isn't just about researching a cure, they offer a range of services to help people affected by cancer including:
- Subsidised accommodation
- Transport services
- Legal and financial advice
- Wigs and headwear for those experiencing hair-loss as a result of their treatment.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Ben Trappel



It's all in the hips.


David Ogilvy

Smash em Benno



I donated 40 and if you don't do the full 72 you owe me 80.


Wu-lang Clan

May the course be with you out there on the big day!


Mrs T

Enjoy the day!


Michelle Manuel

Great work Ben!



The object of golf is to play less golf.


Jeff Kelley

Don’t forget to keep the (beer) fluids up !


Gavin Siddall

Good work mate!



Gotta round that 188, need me some whole numbers


Ryan G

Get it in the hole!!


Richard Wilmot


Amber Trappel