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Sam's Story

My story is not one of personal battles with cancer, more of personal heartbreak hearing the news your best friend has just been diagnosed. I remember the morning after when the news was finally sinking in, i was mowing a big green at my local bowling club, hoodie up over my head, headphones in, glasses on (clearly not wanting to talk to anyone) and the tears just streaming down my face.

'It's not fair' 'what am i going to do' 'i'm so pissed off' 'you better not take my mate away from me'. All those thoughts running through my head as i tried to get the jobs done.

It was only until my legs started to ache a bit when i realised these thoughts, while normal in a way i guess, were very selfish. Daniel has this massive road ahead of him and i'm here thinking how bad it is for me. That just didnt seem right.

I turned the mower off and went over and found the then president of the bowls club, i explained to him what happened, still quite emotional and said that i would like to be present at the next committee meeting to put an idea of a fundraising night to them.

A few weeks later i walked into the meeting and they asked me to speak straight away, my plan was read out, and a unaminous decision was reached to go ahead with my idea. Something i will always be gratefull for. The night was a success, bowlers, supporters and just the general community coming together for an evening of bowls, food, raffles and auctions.

$3000 was raised on the night, we made the local paper and i annouced i will be missing the next week of bowls competition to personally go and visit him in Melbourne and suprise him with the money.

I bought a cheap $5 leather wallet and stuffed the money in it, i remember on the car trip down mum warning me that he will be looking very different and feeling bad, which i had to admit made me nervous, it took a while to get through the maze of that wonderful hospital but i still remember poking my head around the 7th room i tried and seen him sitting up in his bed. True, he did look different, but it was my best mate, that was all i could see.

One of the funnier moments happened after that when i handed the wallet over to him, he was that excited about the bloody thing, he loved it.! Hadn't opened it or anything, but i just remember him saying how nice it was over and over again. I had to prompt him to open it, and once he seen what was inside he looked at me, suprised, but then started telling me he couldnt accept tihs money!!

"You'll except it"! i said. Aolt of work from alot of people went into getting that, we then sat for the next little while deciding what he should do with it. Walking out of the room after that filled me with a quiet confidence that he was going to get through it.

Years have passed, distance has seperated us, we dont catch up anywhere close to what we should be. Once he was feeling better, i went to Melbourne to see him and we went to Coldpay's stadium tour, still the best concert i've ever been too (because he was with me) I had the honour of him standing next to me as my best man at my wedding, and now my 2 children are well overdue with meeting there 'Uncle Daniel'

Our friendship is one that even though we are living in different areas and barely catch up, its nice to know that my good mate is still around, i can shoot him a message whenever, and a chance to do something like this with him is going to be amazing.

We’re taking on Cancer Council’s The Longest Day...

...the ultimate golfing challenge to complete four rounds of golf in one day. That’s 72 holes!

We’ll be testing our skill, strength and stamina to raise funds for Cancer Council.

Because Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, with two in three Australians diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70 and we want to help change this.

Please sponsor our team today, to make every hole count!

Thank you for your generous donation. Together, let’s tee off for a cancer free future.

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Swing well Guys Great Effort


Cocknbull Boutique Hotel


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Robert Donnan

Go Dan....make sure you keep your balls on the fairway


Sief & Tone

Great idea Dan. Don't forget the headlamp just in case it gets a dark.


Kerri Pearn

So proud of you xx


Ashlee Lyon

Good luck you legends


Paul & Sue Eade

Well done Sam


Karen Brisbane-bullock

well done for supporting a great cause




Ian Pearl

Well done Sam hope you make it!!


Jeanette Spence


Diana Haw

Enjoy the very long day of golf.


Damian Steel

Hey dannn


Kane Young

Hope your golf skills are better than your ping pong!


Sammi Homewood

Proud of you Dan!!





Jackie Pearce



On ya Dan! Good work! I wish I could donate more!!


Deb Hetherington

I lost my Nephew to cancer in May. He was 35 and a young Dad of a 2 year old and newborn baby. All the very best Daniel. I hope you are well. I hope all of the people you know support you. Love Deb xx


Andy Yon

You better swing like Tiger Dan


Liz Laird