Juergy's Swingers

We're taking on Cancer Council's The Longest Day...

In memory of my late father who loved his golf, I will be taking to the course in December and playing 72 holes in one day. 

I am ofcourse trying to raise as much money which will all go towards the cancer council. 

After last year's huge success where we raised over 4.5k we are hoping to go stronger. 

This is is a cause is very close to my heart and I know that there are many, many other people that share the same feeling. 

To help me out with the Longest Day challenge I have a an awesome group of mates who are willing to slug it out on the day and hopefully get through all 72 holes with me. 

It would mean alot to myself and my family for any support we receive. Feel free to donate to myself or direct to our team, Juergy's Swingers. 

Appreciate the love we have already received. Link below to donate x