Hede Byrne & Hall Lawyers

The Longest Day Challenge complete!

Thank you to all our friends, family and supporters for helping us reach our goal, and even exceed it.  We are proud to be associated with Cancer Council and to support them in a small way with their important work towards finding a cure, and assisting people affected by cancer.  

Pictured below are Andrew Braithwaite and Vince Hede, Directors of Hede Byrne & Hall Lawyers on the rather warm day last Friday at City Golf Club, Toowoomba.

We will close our fundraising page by the end of the week.  Until next year!

Reached our goal but not resting

From the team at Hede Byrne and Hall Lawyers, Toowoomba, we thank all our sponsors so far!  

It is wonderful to have the team at Horizon Accounting Group, Toowoomba jump on board too!

We are not stopping yet though - we know that any funds we raise above our goal will contribute to research and development towards a cure for cancer.

The team are bracing themselves for a challenge tomorrow!

Fundraising action

We are nearly half way to our fundraising goal and still have 1 week and 2 days to go before tee off.

Thank you to all our generous sponsors so far.

Shout out to the City Golf Club, Toowoomba

We have today increased our participation numbers with the City Golf Club in Toowoomba, and added extra motorised carts for the day.  It was a quick and easy process. 

Looking forward to getting out there on Friday 27th November and complete as many rounds as possible! 

Tee off is at 7am.  The golf pro shop is open at 6am for registration.  

If we have sent you a link, it means we want you to join our team!

HBH Lawyers attempt The Longest Day of Golf challenge!

We are super thrilled to play golf to raise funds for the Cancer Council.

Our goal is to complete three rounds of golf in one day.  That's 54 holes.

We enjoy supporting Cancer Council initiatives and it would be great if you would sponsor our team - "Hede Byrne & Hall Lawyers" today. 

It might make even a small contribution to a cancer free future for Australians, who have one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world.

Thanks for your support and donation! See you at the City Golf Club, Toowoomba!

Thank you to our Sponsors



Great cause, painful idea.


John Fernon


Will H

A long, long walk spoiled!


Fraser Bligh






Bernadette Hede

Great effort. You’ve always been below par


Heron Eyecare


Ccs Surveys

Keep your eye on the ball



Good luck!




Angela Smith


Chris Davis




Invest Blue


Robert Gordon


Liz Teys

Gold Jacket's yours


Katie Ashburner

Kill it


Linda Porter


Ross Tomlinson


Michael & Elizabeth Johnson



Nice to see you're getting in a year's worth of golf into one day! Stay hydrated and keep out of the rough.


Matthew Walls

Shooter's gonna choke!


Mick Shellshear

Go get em Vince



Good luck Veke, more so your partner.


Julia Hede

It’s all in the hips


Alexandra Gorman

Good luck Vinnie Lots of water sunscreen and an early night as well as a protein filled breakfast!


Shane Braithwaite

go Andy





Anna Hede


Val Braithwaite

Sponsored by Marty


Julian Tomba

Good luck Andy, you get my donation because you're a better golfer than Vince


Ruan Caffery

Good luck Vince. I think your upright swing will put you in good stead for a long day.


Gangsta Pietrobon

Good luck Mr Hede... Paying you to play golf is not something I thought I'd ever do, but a worthy cause (you sweating out some butter) makes it appropriate. If you can hit 18 pars, I'll double the donation.


Julie Althaus


Lauren Nichols


Michael Hinchcliffe

Good luck mate!


Eth Ledger

Don’t fake the funk on a nasty dunk


Dale Bishop

Good Luck John and Andrew! What a great cause.


Tanya Anderssen

Do you want to borrow my antique clubs ?


Tanya Anderssen

Advice - Wear a hat and hydrate with beer ! Have a good day :)


Greg Hede

Hope this tremendous donation goes a long way to hitting yr overall target Vincent.