Gunga Galungians

We’re taking on Cancer Council’s The Longest Day...

...the ultimate golfing challenge to complete four rounds of golf in one day. That’s 72 holes!

We’ll be testing our skill, strength and stamina to raise funds for Cancer Council.

Because Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, with two in three Australians diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70 and we want to help change this.

Please sponsor our team today, to make every hole count!

Thank you for your generous donation. Together, let’s tee off for a cancer free future.

Thank you to our Sponsors


James Hazler


Kaitlyn Janky

You are a gun and I love you!


Toshihiko Matsuzaki

Great work Cam. Looking forward to the good news (winning). Great cause to support and hopefully great result for the team too.


Scott Keady

Great effort for a great cause. Enjoy the day !


Ryan & Mark - Dynamic Duo

All the best Cam and enjoy the challenge!


Glenn Porter

Hi Cameron, sorry for the low amount and we wish it could be more, but considering the year we have had, need to watch our pennies like most businesses. Good luck and have fun


Brad Mccormack

Great cause mate. I have normally had enough after 12 holes so not sure how you are going to do 72!! but good luck!


Brad Bult

Enjoy the Day


Convergint Technologies


Stuart Pitcher


Greg And Julie Peeler

Go you good thing



Awesome work! Xx


Andrew Janky

Good stuu


Greg Janky

Enjoy the hit - jealous, however not sure I could do 36 let alone 72...


Sylvia Graham

A great cause Superman!


Chris Gauci

Thank you for supporting a cause for cancer


Mitchell Arrowsmith + Tom Packard

More than happy to support a good cause mate!!


Nick Janky


Stuart Holland


Rory Mcllroy

Good work Cameron, I agree with Tiger with your stamina and course management I will be surprised if your not victorious on the marathon of a day. Your mate Nick Janky is a flog too.


Jared Lamb

good work Cam, myself like many have lost loved ones to Cancer, mum was only 59. fundraising does make a difference, i appreciate your participation.


Peter Janky

Good luck Godson


Tiger Woods

Good luck Cameron! This will be a challenge for you given your current fitness levels and physical condition, but I really appreciate you giving up a day of your life to play golf with your mates and raise some funds for the Cancer Council. I have you as my tip to win the day as I have a feeling that you can hit a ball, better than your pathetic handicap suggests. P.S. tell Nick Janky, he's a flog!



Well done matt


Ben Dover And Phil Mccracken

We should do this fund raiser every week


Melanie Borninkhof

Nice work Jankos!


Alison Warley

Go Cam! This is such a great charity to support, all the best for your longest golf day, Ali :)


Kate Johnson

Go Nick!!!!!


Hugh Holland



Commitment mate Great work.


Alison Glover

A great cause Cam.. good luck x


The Allen Fam Xx

For a great cause mate, well done!


Cameron Berechree

Goo luck mate. Stay hydrated! It’s for a great cause


Philthy Phil

Matt, you are a legend for doing this, great golf swing, look good on course, champion at the 19th, best of luck on the day, make sure you have plenty of practice rounds leading up.


Todd Hissey

Well done mate!





Love you. Have a great day


Jamie & Nadine Maliszewski

Good luck mate !


Luke And Sheralee

Talk about a hole one one



Proud of you ❤️


Thom Holland


Andrew Ward

Good luck mate, have plenty of beers along the way..


Mark Holland


Luke Terella

On ya Brenton Denton.


Michael Mckenzie

A round of 500 would be good by you. Good initiative though, Matt. Good luck.



Get em Tina!


Adrian Martinelli


Jack Quartermain

Well done Jankoss, will be an extremely large day for you but all for a good cause.


Roger Evans


A&m Hazler

Good luck to all of you & what a great cause. 🍀🏌️‍♂️🏌️🏌️‍♀️Enjoy


Kristin Atwell

Have fun !