Butch & Newbs

The Longest Day Round #2

Hey Guys,

In 2018, Butch and I got together to complete The Longest Day Golf Marathon and managed to raise $1,000. In 2019, we're going to Tee off together again!

Last year we started right on sunrise and took just under 12 hours to complete the day. Butch lost about 30 balls, and we had a lot of fun along the way. 

We are again aiming to raise $1000 for the Cancer Council and are asking you to support this awesome cause.

If you cant pledge up front, feel free to make a pledge for anything we manage to achieve, e.g. $5 per birdy (Luke will be lucky to get pars).

Thanks Guys!

Thank you to our Sponsors




Mr Newbury's Mentor Group (lacey 5)

Well Done Mr Newbury! From your Lacey Mentor Group


Byron Howe

I love you Newbs




Jo Bucciarelli

Onya boys😍


Liana Bucciarelli


Enrico Bucciarelli


Graham Leddie

Great cause Kyle - good luck


Cathie Flynn


Madison Elliott


Matt Abraham


Kyle Newbury


Jac Lavorato

Keep killing it boys!


Julie-anne Whitfield

Good luck guys you are awesome! Xo 😘


Brad Thompson

All the best in supporting a wonderful cause. Well done Kyle (and Luke)


Jesse Gordon

Good on ya, Mr Newbury! What a great cause


Bill Roberts

Practice makes prefect!


Andrew M.

Good on you team, and Mr Newbury, for your fundraising efforts for these great causes! Thanks for being such a great teacher this year.


Steve O'donnell


Tasman Vance

Great job guys! Love the effort!



You're a legend sir